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Please read each pair of statements and check the answer that best fits you.
Even if you agree with both the A and B statements, you must choose one over the other.
(Generalize about your conflict behavior unless instructed to focus on a specific context).

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1. I sometimes say yes when it would have been better to say no.
I try to postpone confrontations until everyone has had a chance to cool down.
2. I transform conflicts by finding out what I have in common with the other party.
I compete for what I want, and respect others who do, too.
3. I would rather just go halfway instead of fighting every inch of the way.
I'd rather not get into a conflict in the first place.
4. If I can stay out of a conflict, I do.
I listen to the other person's concerns, then suggest new and better alternatives.
5. I like to avoid lengthy negotiations by splitting the difference fairly.
Some people might say I give in easily.
6. I try to create enough trust to turn conflict into cooperation.
I prefer to compromise.
7. I stick up for my own interests.
I feel that conflicts and disagreements are usually more trouble than they're worth.
8. I share information honestly and openly so we can work together on the problem.
I don't like to waste time when a simple compromise is possible.
9. My priority is to maintain a good, long-term relationship.
I feel that it is important to develop the skills needed to bargain effectively.
10. I am happy to go halfway as long as the other person does, too.
When I think someone has an issue with me, I stay out of their way for a while.
11. I try to turn conflicts into cooperative problem-solving efforts.
I believe that if someone is really determined, it's usually better to let them have their way.
12. I don't allow others to draw me into an argument.
I try to accommodate other peoples' requirements.
13. I am willing to fight for something I believe in.
When I disagree with someone, I try to propose a middle ground.
14. If I have sufficient power, I can easily resolve conflicts in my favor.
I believe there are creative ways for everyone to get what they want.
15. I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings.
I believe that by being careful and clever, I can negotiate a good deal.

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